About Us


Capstone Scientific is supply company specializing in the fulfillment of laboratory consumables, reagents, controls, and solvents including, but not limited to, supplies needed for COVID19 testing. We proudly offer all our clients top-of-the-line customer service paired with a seamless consolidated ordering process.

Founded in 2020 during the COVID19 Pandemic, Capstone Scientific emerged as a leading distributor of lab equipment, scientific supplies, and reagents to assist other labs in their battle against the virus. Our goal is to deliver innovation and quality products to our fellow labs to ensure they can meet the growing demand for testing the lab industry now faces. Capstone Scientific not only brings a solid option to improving your lab processes but also an opportunity for increased optimization.

We understand the importance that your focus is on analysis and research, so our mission is to be a reliable source for you to maximize your analytical capabilities.  Our knowledgeable customer service representatives and product experts are here to guide you and your lab, to make sure they are taken care of in this ever-changing landscape.


Rhyan Walcott

Rhyan Walcott currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for Capstone Scientific based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With over have over 14 years of experience in the laboratory setting and business environment, Rhyan has a successful track record in start-up businesses, project management, college director and professor, environmental science laboratories, and esoteric testing laboratories throughout the United States.

Mr. Walcott earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in 2011 & Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies from Nova Southeastern University in 2014.

Throughout his career, Rhyan has played an incremental role in management, business start-ups and ownership, remains dedicated to education, and continues to be involved in laboratory and business development.


Competitive Pricing

Look to Capstone Scientific for the most competitive rates for your lab supply needs.

Catered Customer Service

Individualized customer service with experience in lab services that you will not find from industrial vendors.

Seamless Ordering Process

A quickly established and seamless relationship as your supplier for laboratory products.